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Online Workplace Essentials Courses

The workplace requires essential skills to get the most out of your career and your work colleagues potential. Business ethics, business acumen, business etiquette, business civility, managing change, conflict resolution, delivering constructive criticism, health and safety, risk assessment, workplace diversity, workplace harassment. The list seems to be never ending. How on earth are you meant to keep on top of all that and where can you learn these skills?

Courses for Success provides short online courses that can cater for your workplace essential requirements. Consider these practical courses that can help you to equip yourself and your staff with the essential skills that you need.

  • Appreciative Inquiry Online short course will teach you to ask questions to create a positive working environment and to utilise people’s strengths.
  • Health and Safety in the Workplace will teach you your legal responsibilities associated with a workplace environment
  • Risk assessment and management online short course will help you to identify hazards and risks and to create risk management strategies.

These are a small sample of the workplace essential courses available to you. If you are looking to improve your workplace in a key area, we have the course that you need.

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